Workshop Materials (2023)

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Andreas Ott – Persistent homology and viral evolution

Simplicial Complexes notes

Homology notes

Persistent homology notes

Viral Evolution notes

Programming files

Recommended Reading

Colloquium Talks

Anthea Monod – Using topology to predict clinical outcome in brain cancer patients

Kathryn Hess – Of Mice and Men

Lightning Talks

Yossi Bokor Bleile – Stem Cell Classification via TDA

Maxim Beketov – Topologically Autoencoding Cognitive Maps

Jay-Anne Baga Bulauan – Battle of Dimension Zero Bottleneck Distance Computations – Aliguyon vs. Lumáwig

Alexander D. Rahm – Persistent Maximum of Loops in Bacterial Protein Interaction Networks

Daniel Tolosa – Quantifying Biological Pattern formation: A Time Dynamic Homology Approach

Martina Flammer – Persistent Homology Based on Detection of Petit-Mal Epileptic Events in EEG Data

Maria Herick – Adaptive Approximation of Persistent Homology

Markus Schreiber – Using Discrete Morse-Theory to Trace Features in cryo-ET

Ilaria Carannante – Modelling and Topological Analysis of the Striatal Microcircuitry in Health and Parkinson’s disease

Juan Carlos Díaz Patiño – Variability of Topological and Graph Features of networks in Precision Resting-State fMRI

Henri Riihimäki – Directed networks via Persistent Hochschild Homology

Wei Xiong – Topological Method for Medical Image Segmentation and Classification